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Adoption, Attachment, & Family Counseling

Adoption, Attachment, & Family Counseling

Helping families move from traditional parenting to a therapeutic parenting approach. My ultimate goal is to help families reach their full potential of a happy and healthy family unit.

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"I don't know what I would have done without Linda. I was at the end of my rope with my daughter. Linda helped me work through the many challenges we were facing" ~Mother of 5 year old daughter from China

"We were facing a disruption with our daughter from Haiti. We had no idea how difficult adoption would be. Linda has helped our family tremendously" ~ Mother of 15 year old daughter from Haiti

"I was really angry when I started coming to therapy. I am now able to control myself most of the time" ~14 year old boy adopted domestically

"Linda Sheppard, of Adoption, Attachment & Family Counseling, is an amazing woman with an amazing family. Truly, she is a gift from God. Linda's compassion, love and experience with adoption and all the "good and bad" that come with this miracle, make her one of a kind. I am a survivor because of Linda. She personally made my family's journey of adoption and subsequent disruption one that we can accept, grow, and learn from. We have been able to move on to be a healthy and whole family. Without Linda's constant care and counseling, I honestly don't know how I would have dealt with the hurt, guilt, pain and grief that I have been through. I love Linda beyond words and will forever be grateful for her. I praise God for putting her in my life!"~Mother of 11 year old adopted internationally

"Linda is an amazing person. She is my colleague and my friend. Within our consultation group of therapists she is know as "superwoman". Her experience and training make her a tremendous asset to the field, and a fabulous therapist!"






















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